70s Music Chart January 23rd 1971

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70s Music continues with the the BBC charts from January 23rd 1971, and a reminder that the BBC charts are compiled for the BBC by the British Market Research Bureau.

No. 20

Broken Hearted by  Ken Dodd

No. 19

You’ve Got Me Danglin’ On A String by Chairmen Of The Board

No. 18

You’re Ready Now by Frankie Valli

No. 17

Nothing Rhymed by Gilbert O’Sullivan

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No. 16

No Matter What by Badfinger

From Swansea in Wales, this group actually had their first hit written by Beatle  Paul McCartney, and the  group was led by Peter Ham, who  hanged himself in 1975 following severe financial arguments and problems with his business manger Stan Polly, who himself died in 2009. Peter Ham would also be the co writer for the classic “Without You”.

Later in 1971 several members of the group would perform with George Harrison Lennon in Bangladesh, and George Harrison himself would become the groups producer later in 1971.

No. 15

Home Lovin’ Man by Andy Williams

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No. 14

Cracklin Rosie by Neil Diamond

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No. 13

The Pushbike Song by  Mixtures

This Australian group from Melbourne had a hit all around the world with this song, which was written by the brothers Evan and Idris Jones.

The group consisted of  Terry Dean and Rod De Clark, and this was a cover of Mungo Jerry’s hit of the same name.

Lyrics to The Pushbike Song

No. 12

It’s Only Make Believe by Glenn Campbell

Article about Glenn Campbell

No. 11

Blame It On The Pony Express by Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon

No. 10

Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys by Equals

No. 9

You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Elvis Presley

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No. 8

Amazing Grace by Judy Collins

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No. 7

My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

Ex Beatle George  Harrison, who died in 2001 from cancer, was later this year in Bangladesh to sing and meet Ravi Shanker.

This single came from his 1970 album “All Things Must Pass”, and the single is all about the Krishna God, but the record caused legal problems as it was claimed it was similar to an older record called “Hes So Fine” by The  Chiffons, however George said the song was actually inspired by the song “Oh Happy Day”.

Later George bought the rights to “He’s So Fine”, and had the last laugh.

No. 6

I Hear You Knockin’ by Dave Edmunds Rockpile’

No. 5

Apeman by Kinks

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No. 4

I’ll Be There by Jackson 5

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No. 3

When I’m Dead And Gone by McGuinness Flint

No. 2

Ride A White Swan by T.Rex

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No. 1

Grandad by Clive Dunn

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