70s Music Charts January 5th 1974

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Part two of the 70s music charts for the month of January 1974, remember this is No.10 to No.1 of that week as compiled for the BBC by the British Market Research Bureau. In the ten will be Slade, Alvin Stardust and Gary Glitter.

No. 10

Street Life by Roxy Music

Article about Roxy Music

Roxy Music were formed back in 1970 by the lead vocalist Bryan Ferry, along with Graham Simpson who was fired by Ferry before the release of this single. This was the time when other band members came and went as they were getting annoyed by the dominance of Ferry in the media and within the band. Eddie Jobson replaced Brian Eno for the album  “Stranded” from which this single came.

Lyrics to “Street Life”

No. 9

Roll Away The Stone by Mott The Hoople

Article about Mott The Hoople

English glam rock band here and were named after a book that ws read in prison in 1968 .The book was called Mott The Hoople, and this year the group were touring America supported by a group called Queen. In fact Queen referred to the tour in their single “Now I’m Here” where the Queen lyrics go “Down in the city, just Hoople and me.” The Mott The Hoople  single was recorded before Mick Ralphs left the band because he was dissatisfied with Ian Hunter, Hunter himself left the group in 1975.

No. 8

Lamplight by David Essex

Article about David Essex

David Albert  Cook was born in 1947 and would become a British institution, appearing in TV comedy series, drama series  and big films in the 1970s and 80s, and best known for his constant big chart hits in the 1970s. This year he would star in the blockbuster film Stardust the follow up to last years That’ll  Be The Day. The single comes from the album “Rock On” and featured Julie Covington on vocals and Jeff Wayne on keyboards.

No. 7

The Show Must Go On by Leo Sayer

See Leo Sayer article here

No .6

Paper Roses by Marie Osmond

Article about Marie Osmond

This was the very first hit for the daughter of Mr and Mrs Osmond, and followed on the heels of all her brothers including her brother Donny Osmond, who had many single hits out during the early 70s music scene. Marie born Olive Marie in 1959, and this song became a gold record for her country crossover. The song was a hit originally in 1960 for a lady called Anita Bryant.

No. 5

My Coo Ca Choo by Alvin Stardust
See Alvin Stardust article here

No. 4

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard

Article about Wizzard

See the Christmas Wizzard article here

No. 3

I Love You Love Me Love by Gary Glitter

Article about Gary Glitter

Paul Francis Gadd here before  he went to prison for his sex problems. Love him or hate him he spent 180 weeks in the British charts between 1972 and 1995, and this single written by Mike Leander was a number one hit, and he dominated 70s music for the English glam scene.


No. 2

You Wont Find Another Fool Like Me by New Seekers Featuring Lyn Paul
Article about New Seekers

The New Seekers formed out of the disbanded Australian group The Seekers, and they put Lyn Paul at the front for this song that became a huge hit, but was to be their last number one. The group split up late in 1974.

slade in the 1970s

slade in the 1970s

No. 1

Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade

Article about Slade

See the Christmas Slade article here

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