70s Music Chart January 17th 1976

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This was the week that a Rugby Union game between England and Wales became a must see event in the UK. The game ended England 9 Wales 21. No doubt about the better team then.

We continue the look at the 70s music charts from January 1976.

No. 20

(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop by Fatback Band

It was 1970 in New York when this group first formed, and at this time this jazz funk disco group were signed with Event records, and had already charted several times in the 70s music charts. The group had many members  including a lady Deborah Cooper. The band took this single from their album “Raising Hell”, and later this year an album called “Night Fever”.


No. 19

Can I Take You Home Little Girl by Drifters

No. 18

I Believe In Father Christmas by Greg Lake

No. 17

We Do It by R.& J. Stone

This song was produced by Phil Swern, who also produced The Pearls and Polly Brown too. The R is Russell Oliver and the J is Joanne Stone, the husband and wife couple, who also wrote the record. Russell did not want to continue singing and became a writer and producer, his wife Joanne died in 1979 from a brain tumor.

Lyrics to “We Do It”


No. 16

Love Machine by Miracles

This from the album “City Of Angels” on the Motown label for the Miracles, just after Smokey Robinson’s departure. In fact the group had been going  since 1958.  At this time Billy Griffin was the lead, along with Ronald White who died in 1995, and was the man who discovered Stevie Wonder who was his 11 year old neighbour.  Griffin along with fellow member Peter Moore wrote this record, Peter also co wrote “Tracks Of My Tears ” too.


No. 15

Let The Music Play by Barry White

Article about Barry White

Lyrics to “Let The Music Play”

The “Walrus Of Love” with the voice that just melts you. The album of the same name also included “You See The Trouble With Me”, and “Let The Music Play” was written by Barry himself. Barry was  the voice to an African American cartoon rabbit at the end of 1975 in the film Coonskin.

No. 14

It’s Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas by Dana

No. 13

If I Could by David Essex

Article about David Essex

No. 12

Golden Years by David Bowie

No. 11

The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine by Laurel and Hardy and The Avalon Boys

No. 10

Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun by Demis Roussos

No. 9

Itchycoo Park by Small Faces

Originally a number three hit in 1967  for the band that later became The Faces. The song  was written by Ronnie Lane who died in 1997, and Steve Marriott who died in 1991. The title seems to be related to stinging nettles in a park in London or Cambridge. But what really made it a huge hit in the 60s and 70s was the clever phasing on the track, very cool.

Lyrics to “Itchycoo Park”


No. 8

King Of The Cops by Billy Howard

No. 7

Wide Eyed And Legless by Andy Fairwearther-Low

No. 6

Lets Twist Again/The Twist by Chubby Checker

No .5

Art For Arts Sake by 10cc

Article about 10cc


In Dulce Jubilo/ On Horseback by Mike Oldfield

Lyrics to “In Dulce Jubilo”

A little late for Christmas, but that is what this is a Christmas hit called “In Sweet Rejoicing” and also known as “Good Christian Men Rejoice” and  dating from the middle ages, making it a real golden oldie. It has been rearranged so many times over hundreds of years that Bach actually appears on the singles credits.

Mike  himself was born in 1943, and had already made his fortune with “Tubular Bells” earlier in the decade for which he won a Grammy.


No. 3

Mamma Mia by Abba


No. 2

Glass Of Champagne by Sailor


Queen 267x300 70s Music Chart January 17th 1976

Back in 1971 a group was formed, the group was called “Queen”, who would have thought they would have now survived the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and were the kings of global stadium rock band? Their 70s music hits laid the paving stones for the group, and Brian May C.B.E.( who is now married to ex British soap star Anita Dobson), and Roger Taylor already had a group called “Smile”.

No. 1

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Article about Queen

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