Music Charts March 24th 1979

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This week in U.S. the Three Mile Island  nuclear reactor leaked. This was one of the worse nuclear problems and certainly the worse in the U.S.A.

No. 20

Turn The Music Up by The Players Association

See article about The Players Association

No. 19

Get It by Darts

No. 18

You Bet Your Love by Herbie Hancock

No. 17

Clog Dance by Violinski

Ex ELO member Mik Kaminski from Harrogate in the UK is the man behind this one hit wonder and was written by his fellow band member John Marcangelo.

No. 16

In The Navy by Village People

This group formed in New York as a gay disco group created by Frenchman Jaques Morali who died in 1991 and was the man behind the group The Ritchie Family in the 1970s.

The group consisted of Felipe Rose the Indian, Alex Briley the soldier and as a sailor in this single. Other members  were Mark Musssler the construction worker  who died of AIDS in 1987. Dave Forrest was the cowboy and  Lea Moulton the one all dressed in leather.

The American Navy wanted the group to  promote the Navy but after the song became a big hit the Navy backed off, it was assumed it was a gay lash-back from the Navy who did not get that the group was all gay.

No. 15

Money In My Pocket by Dennis Brown

Jamaican born Dennis was born in 1951 and died in 1999 of respiratory problems brought on by cocaine use. He was respected by Bob Marley. This was his only 1970s single hit but he also produced over seventy five albums of work.

No. 14

Hold The Line by Toto

No. 13

Dont Stop Me Now by Queen

Article about Queen

No. 12

Get Down by Gene Chandler

No. 11

Painter Man by Boney M

Article about Boney M

No. 10

Into The Valley by Skids

Article about Skids

No. 9

Waiting For An Alibi by Thin Lizzy

No. 8

Keep On Dancin’ by Gary’s Gang

No. 7

I Want Your Love by Chic

No. 6

Tradegy by Bee Gees

Article about Robin Gibbs

No. 5

Can You Feel The Force by Real Thing

Article about Real Thing

No. 4

Something Else/ Friggin’ In The Riggin’ by Sex Pistols

No. 3

Lucky Number by Lene Luvich

No. 2

Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Article about Elvis Costello

No. 1

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

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