Music Charts 3rd April 1976

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The UK has a new Prime Minister and he is James Callaghan and told reporters that the mess in the country was not over yet. He was not kidding.

“There is no soft option,” he said. “I don’t promise you any real easement for some time to come.

“There can be no lasting improvement in your living standards until we can achieve it without going deeper and deeper into debt as a nation.”

It was also the week that Howard Hughes died at the age of 70.

No. 20

Don’t Stop It Now by Hot Chocolate

Article about Hot Chocolate

No. 19

Convoy by C.W.McCoy

No. 18

Jungle Rock by Hank Mizzel

U.S. born in 1929  Hank  was born William Mizzel and made Jungle Rock in 1958. But despite many attempts it never became a hit until of course now. Hank was 53 when this was a hit. He died aged 69.

No. 17

Concrete And Clay by Randy Edeleman

No. 16

Hey Mr Music Man by Peters And Lee

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No. 15

You Don’t Have To Say You Love me by Guys And Dolls

No. 14

Fernando by Abba

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No. 13

Take It To The Limit by Eagles

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No. 12

Hello Hapiness by Drifters

No. 11

I’m Mandy Fly Me by 10cc

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People Like You And People Like Me by Glitterband

No. 9

Falling Apart At The Seams by Marmalade

No. 8

Yesterday by Beatles

Article about Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr


Pinball Wizzard by Elton John

Elton’s turn to have a chart hit with this song from the musical film Tommy.  Written by Peter Thownsend of the Who for the film in 1975. Jack Nicholosn was also in the film along with Roger Daltry singing his chart hit I’m Free. The song was originally offered to Rod Stewart who turned it down because his friend told him too- his friend was Elton John.


No. 6

I Wanna Stay With You by Gallagher And Lyle

No. 5

I Love To Love by Tina Charles

N0. 4

Music by John Miles

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No. 3

Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean

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No. 2

You See The Trouble With Me by Barry White

Save Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man

Save Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man

No. 1

Save Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man

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