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Music Charts 10th April 1976

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This week the BBC Top of the Pops TV show was introduced by Noel Edmonds and featured Hot chocolate, Abba, Paul Nicholas, 10ss, Linda Lewis, Bay City Rollers, Four Seasons, Sheer Elegance and Eric Carman.

No. 20

Love Me Like I Love You by Bay City Rollers

Article about Bay City Rollers

No. 19

Don’t Stop It Now by Hot Chocolate

Article about Hot Chocolate

No. 18

Hey Jude by Beatles

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No. 17

Take It To The Limit by Eagles

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No. 16

Concrete And Clay by Randy Edleman

No. 15

People Like You And People Like Me by Glitterband

No. 14

Girls Girls Girls by Sailor

This group only had two top twenty hits. Girls Girls Girls being the second hit for founding group members Georg Kajanus and Phil Pickett. Phil went on to win two Ivor Nevello Music Awards and wrote Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon.

No. 13

I Wanna Stay With You by Gallagher And Lyle

No. 12

Hello Happiness by Drifters

No. 11

Falling Apart At The Seams by Marmalade

No. 10

Theme From Mah0gony (Do You Know Where You,re Going To?) by Diana Ross

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No. 9

Yesterday by Beatles

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No. 8

Pinball Wizard by Elton John

No. 7

Jungle Rock by Hank Mizell

No. 6

I’m Mandy Fly Me by 10cc

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No. 5

Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean

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No. 4

Fernando by Abba

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No. 3

Music by John Miles

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No. 2

You See The Trouble With Me by Barry White

No. 1

Save A ll Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man

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70s Music Chart January 3rd 1976

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Cod War 300x196 70s Music Chart January 3rd 1976This was the week that a British naval frigate has been involved in another collision with an Icelandic gunboat in the Atlantic.

HMS Andromeda was dented when the gunboat, Thor, sailed close to the bow. Thor sustained a hole in its hull.

A British naval frigate has been involved in another collision with an Icelandic gunboat in the Atlantic.HMS Andromeda was dented when the gunboat, Thor, sailed close to the bow. Thor sustained a hole in its hull.

All this fun in the Cod war with Iceland, but it was also the first week of 1976, and this is the first part of the 70s music countdown of the BBC charts.

We now look at number 20 to number 11.

No. 20

Make A Daft Noise For Christmas by Goodies

Yet another Goodies record, and here is an article about the 70s music from the Goodies.


No. 19

All Around My Hat by Steeleye Span

Lyrics to “All Around My Hat”

A song from around 1820 now, all about a young man who went to see and missed his girlfriend,upon his return she was married to another woman. Steeleye  Span had already charted in the 70s music with “Gaudette”.


No. 18

Glass Of Champagne by Sailor

George Kajanus from Norway was the unlikely lead singer of the group. George had worked in 1971 for Cliff Richard, but now with his group Sailor, and this single is from the album of the same name. They would have one more big hit in the 70s music, and then will be remembered, but not be successful.


No. 17

Art For Arts Sake by 10cc

Article about 10cc

The boys had been working together for years before forming 10cc in 1972, Graham Gouldman amazingly he wrote the singles “For Your Love”, and “No Milk Today”. Eric Stewart along with the others had a 1970 hit called “Neanderthal Man”, under the name of Hotlegs. Kevin Godley and Lol Cream of course were the other two band members.

This single was the follow up to “I’m Not In Love”, and was written by Gouldman and Stewart and the title comes from Grahams fathers remarks one day.

No. 16

If I Could by David Essex

Lyrics for “If I Could”

Article about David Essex

David starred this year in an awful film about a nuclear bus out of control called “The Big Bus”, lucky for us his 70s music singles were in much better form. This  was his eight hit single in the 1970s, and there would be  four more top twenty hits to come from David Essex OBE.


No. 15

Money Honey by Bay City Rollers

See article about Bay City Rollers

No. 14

Christmas In Dreadland/Come Outside by Judge Dread

Article about Judge Dread

The naughty man of the charts, with more banned singles than anybody else in the 1970s. This Christmas hit from Judge was no exception. Alexander Minto  Hughes died in 1998, but the Jamaican born musician had six top twenty entries during the 1970s, none of which were played by the BBC.

Elvis Presley had asked Judge Dread to help with a song, but Elvis died just before it was to happen.

No. 13

Wide Eyed And Legless by Andy Fairweather-Low

Andy was born in 1948 in Wales, and in the 1960s was in the group “Amens Corner”, but the band split in 1970 and Andy joined Fair Weather which had one hit. Andy went solo and was rewarded with a single hit in 1974 called “Reggae Tune”. Christmas 1975 and Andy had this hit, and apt timing as it was the time of year we were all “Wide Eyed And Legless”.


No. 12

Can I Take You Home Little Girl by Drifters

This group had already been going strong since the 1950s, and  of course there have been many people come and go, and many variations of the group too. But this 1976 version of the Drifters was a classic one.  Johnny Moore was the lead singer here Ben E King, and at this time the group had moved to the UK, and were enjoying single hits and acclaim. Because of a legal dispute, Ben E King vocals were mimed too by other group members, and he was never really seen a part of the group by the public. Johnny Moore died in 1998.


No. 11

Show Me You’re A Woman by Mud

Article about Mud

Glam rock British group Mud here from the Nickey Chinn and Mike Chapman stable, with another classic hit, but this one was not as uptempo as their last hit “L L LUCY”. in fact it has a great instrumental piece on it.

Lyrics to “Show Me You’re A Woman”